Things You Didn’t Know about Three Card Poker Game

In any casino sites, you can find different types of online gambling games. Of course, there are classic games, but there are also some new games that you must try. However, of all the newest online gambling games on the internet, Three Card Poker game is best one to try. Therefore, if you are not familiar with this popular mobile gambling game, all of the things you didn’t know about Three Card Poker game will be discussed in this post.

Things You Didn’t Know about Three Card Poker Game

Things You Didn’t Know about Three Card Poker Game
Things You Didn’t Know about Three Card Poker Game

­History of Three Cards Poker

This popular casino variant was first created by a man named Derek Webb in 1994. The goal of Derek Webb was not to create a version of Poker that is played with the speed of other gambling games. In fact, his only goal was to get the correct mix of 3 important elements for any casino games:

  • Firstly, easiness of the rules
  • Secondly, big payouts that would attract lots of players
  • And lastly, enough house edge that would encourage the owners to adopt the game.

Webb founded a business named Prime Table Games. He established this business to market Three Card Poker game in both the United States and United Kingdom. Furthermore, Prime Table Games continued marketing the game up until 1999.

Rules of the game

This game is played between the hand of both the Player and the Banker. Moreover, 3 cards will dealt to the Player and the Dealer after ante or stake wagers are placed. In addition to that, the Players of this game have a choice to fold the card or to continue by simply placing a “Play” wager that is equal to their Ante.

In this game, the hand of the dealer must be a Queen high for the dealer’s hand to be able to play. However, if the he or she doesn’t play, there will be no action on play and ante wagers will be paid 1 to 1. Now, if the hands are tied, there will be no action on either wager.

Hand Ranks of Three Card Poker Game

The hands on this game has different ranks:

  • Straight Flush
  • Straight Flush has 3 suited cards in sequence. Additionally, it also has a frequency of 48 and a probability of 0.22%.
  • Three of a Kind
  • Three of a Kind has 3 cards of the same rank. In addition to that, it also has a frequency of 52 and a probability of 0.24%.
  • Straight
  • Straight has 3 cards in sequence. Moreover, it also has a frequency of 720 and a probability of 3.26%.
  • Flush
  • Flush has 3 suited cards. Additionally, Flush also has a frequency of 1,096 and a probability of 4.96%.
  • Pair
  • Pair has 2 cards of the same rank. Furthermore, Pair has 3,744 frequency and 16.94% probability.
  • High Card
  • High has no direct description at all. However, it has a frequency of 16,440 and 74.39% probability.
  • Total Hands
  • Total Hands has a frequency of 22,100.

Popular Variations

Three Card Poker has 2 popular variations: Prime Three Card Poker and Six Card Bonus.

Prime Three Card Poker – is a variant of Three Card Poker wherein the wager is placed before the cards are dealt. Additionally, it pays on the color of the cards of the player.

Six Card – is another popular Three Card Poker Variant wherein the gamblers are given a payout that is based on the best 5 poker hand. The best 5 poker hand can be made using any combination of the three cards of both the player and the dealer.

There you have it! Those above are the things you didn’t know about Three Card Poker game. Try this game and experience that thrill and excitement that it gives in every round! Good luck!

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