Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know about Online Casino

Playing casino games with the use of a mobile device is one of the best pastime for everyone. Doing this activity will not just only give anyone a great time to relax, but it can also change anyone’s like financially. In fact, there are so many cases of huge winnings in this type of online gambling game. Now, if you want to know more about this famous mobile gambling game, here are the facts that you probably didn’t know about online casino gambling game. Reading this article will give you so much idea. So you better not to skip this one.

Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know about Online Casino

Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know about Online Casino
Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know about Online Casino

The very first online casino

Online casino was first introduced in 1994. And the one who claim to release the first authentic casino online gambling software is the Microgaming Software Systems Ltd. Additionally, this company also claim to develop the world’s first mobile casino software in 2004. And as of today, Microgaming is one of the leading casino software providers in the industry of online gambling.

Microgaming is an Isle of Man based software developer. This software developer is the one who provide online casino products to some of the biggest operators such as The Palace Group, 32Red, Fortune Lounge Group, and Carmen Media Group. Some of the products developed by this company are various types of Baccarat game, Sic Bo, and Roulette.

Gambling disorder

Did you know that there is a mental disorder that is related to gambling? It is called “Pathological Gambling”. This gambling disorder is an urge to play any kinds of gambling games including online casino continuously despite its harmful or negative effects. In addition to that, pathological gambling is a common gambling disorder that is associated with both social and family costs. Furthermore, 3% of the population suffers with this gambling disorder as of today.

Common online casino complaints

Online casino may be the most convenient way of playing casino games. However, behind the popularity of this game all over the world, it also faces some complaints from the online gamblers. One of the common complaints of the casino online players is the slow payment in which the casino site fails to give the winnings of a certain player at the right time. Besides slow payment, another online casino complaints are self-inclusion problems, KYC or “Know Your Customer” problems, and of course, connectivity issues.

Other facts about online casino

Aside from the facts I’ve discussed above, here are some interesting facts about online casino mobile gambling:

  • Most online casinos are not connected with land-based casinos. For the reason that land-based casinos doesn’t want to get involved in a business model that would probably take away from the traditional sources of revenue.
  • Online casinos have no official standards for safety. In other words, online gamblers are at risk when they are playing online casino games.
  • Free casino online gambling is one of the most common activities for young adults as well as for teenagers.
  • In 1998, internet Bingo and online Poker was first introduced to the market.
  • iGaming industry is one of the richest industries as of 2017. In fact, the total GGY or Gross Gambling Yield of the United Kingdom is 12.6 billion Euros in 2015.

These are the facts that you probably didn’t know about online casino mobile gambling. After knowing these facts, I’m pretty sure that you are much interested in playing this popular online gambling game. So, you must find a reliable mobile casino online gambling website in order for you to have the most unforgettable and one of a kind mobile casino gambling experience.

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